We offer a variety of different Animal Antics parties, this can be tailored to your needs.

Birthday Parties, School Visits, Fetes, Charity Events, Nursing Home and other Social Events.

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Animal Antics is run by Stef Wraith.

Stef has been brought up around animals and followed her passion by working with them too.

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Our services

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Birthday Parties
Once you have chosen your date, venue and time all that's left to do is choose your friends and animals. From the list of animals available the birthday boy/girl can choose around 10 animals (some are more suitable for older age groups but I am always available to help you choose).

We begin with an hour of cuddles, stroking, holding and amazement as your child enjoys the animals, once they have done this however they need to choose a favourite, this is always the difficult part! This is for the keepsake photo which will be put in a fridge magnet and you will get this on the day!

This isn't the end of the fun, following the handling is 30mins of age related games where everyone wins something. Simples games like 'pass the rat' (a toy one of course!) for the younger kids to balloon popping fun for older kids (always a side splitter for the adults! Have your cameras ready!) Party bags can be supplied at extra cost, these can be unisex, boy or girl and all contain good quality goodies.

See our EXTEND THE FUN page for that extra special party.

School Visits
Visiting schools is a favourite of Animal Antics, as well as educating the children they provide hands on fun. The educational side is always kept age related and can cover topics from mini beasts (ours are not mini!!), rainforests, night and day, pets and general care of animals.

Maximum numbers for a class are around 30 children, this ensures they all get plenty handling time with the animals. Animal Antics always offers discounts for multiple bookings.

With every booking we also provide a living classroom, let the children watch and learn as creatures live and grow in their very own classroom. Choose between land snails or stick insects. Both are extremely easy to care for with little effort, a care sheet will be provided, and both grow at a rate to keep children interested. If you decide you no longer want these creatures we will take them back so you will never be 'stuck' with them.
Animal Antics are CRB checked, fully insured and can provide risk assessments. These can be sent in advance or brought along on the day.

Fetes, Charity Events, Nursing Home and other Social Events

Invite Animal Antics to your event and you invite fun, excitement, shock and surprises. From reptile and mini beast handling sessions, relaxing, calming cuddly sessions with rabbits to full on fear factor games like 'I'm a silly billy get me out of here!' which is always popular at adult events!

Remember Animal Antics can make your event as 'nice or as 'nasty' as you want it to be, but organisers beware you wont get away scot-free! Age is never a problem, your never to old for animals.

Also think of Halloween without snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies, its just another night, so book a spooky event, you wont be sorry... or will you?!!!


Christmas office parties for families, is your office having one? Invite Stef the Elf along in full costume with some animals to entertain the kids until Santa arrives, we can also incorpotate some games.

Photos are always welcome, they can be taken
as a reminder or proof!


With regular sessions, friendly caring staff and friendly animals, Animal Antics can help you overcome or at least ease your fears.

Please remember the first step is yours, you have to want to overcome your fears.